NEXTTCHEM  we are experienced research chemical vendor, we supply dibutylone,pv 8,6 mapb,4 mec,pvp synthetic etc, online to usa,ship to all countries


All order are package prudently in cushioned envelopes with heat fixed sachets inside, no notice of items names or the site name outwardly of the package.

We ship to all nations including USA, Australia and New Zealand.

We ship orders from various distribution centers: China and in  a few cases from EU, USA,Ukraine, Kazakhstan. Depending on what you want to order and where to send, just as to stock accessibility, we will offer product from the ideal distribution center.

We can ship by means of Registered Airmail, EMS, UPS, FedEx, DHL.

For discount orders 10kg we can utilize transporting in holder.

All order are provided with a tracking  numbers.

You will get it after your request has been sent.

Transportation costs: Registered Airmail: $10/8.10€ EMS: $25/56.70€ (or free for all requests over $299/240.98€) UPS, FedEx or DHL: $70/56.70€ .

Transportation time: Registered Airmail: around 5-8 days.

EMS: around 3-5 days.

UPS, FedEx or DHL: around 3-5 days


We don’t acknowledge Paypal, its against Paypal’s terms and conditions to take installment for Research Chemicals.

We don’t acknowledge Visa and Mastercard, its against Visa and Mastercard terms and conditions to take installment for global Research Chemicals orders.

Likewise we don’t acknowledge COD – its unimaginable for global requests.


Installment is vi­­­­­­­­­­­­­a­ mon­­­­­­­­ey ­g­r­a­m­,­­­R­­­i­a­ ­­M­o­­n­­­e­­y­­­ T­­r­a­­ns­­fer­­­, ­­u­­­­ni­­­­­st­­­re­­­­e­m ­­­­­mo­n­­­­ey ­­­tr­­a­­n­­s­f­­­e­­r­­,­­W­­e­­st­­­­er­­­n­­­ un­­­­i­on,­­­­­bi­­t­­c­­­oi­­­n and Bank to Bank move.


For Bank to Bank move Payment You will get installment directions for Bank move just by email after you make request on our site.

Since for every nation we can offer various ways for installment subtleties.

On the off chance that you sent you installment however you altered my perspective you can get a discount, yet just If we have not as of now dispatched your request.

Anyway we should deduct 10% to take care of our expenses of getting and sending the installment back to you. Alternatively, we can give you store credit of everything which you can use for a later buy.

All our normal clients can have an individual rebate.

You can ask individual rebate by email after third request.


We ensure complete consumer loyalty, therefore we are glad to offer returns and discount any items, If your bundle have custom issue because of our misstep, You will be discounted absolutely for the item.

Deals charge paid, Shipping and taking care of charges are not refundable except if item shows up harmed or the off base item was sent.

Kindly permit 14 business days for us to process your arrival and discount . If it’s not too much trouble enable 1 to 2 charging cycles for the credit to appear on your Mastercard statement. NEXTTCHEM we are experience look into chem seller we supply dibutylone, pv 8,6 mapb,4 mec,pvp compound online to usa,ship to all countries,buy review,buy investigate synthetic concoctions on the web, purchase examine synthetic substances online,buy a-pvp chemical,buy a-pvp substance